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Juventus Academy Boston Player Profiles - Makenzie Pires

By Juventus Academy Boston, 02/02/20, 5:15PM EST


Get to know Makenzie Pires who is captain of our 2008 EDS Girls Team

Juventus Academy Boston will be doing a series of  weekly Player Profile releases. This week we interview Makenzie 'P' who is captain of our 2008 EDS Girls Team, as well as one of our brightest young players in our Academy.

See Kenzie in action at the bottom of this page.

Q. Why did you choose to join Juventus Academy Boston?

I chose Juventus because I was excited to be part of a new club, new team and with an experienced coach that will challenge me.

Q. What are your long term goals for your soccer career?

My long term goal for soccer is that I would like to play for a D-1 college.

Q. How has Juventus Academy Boston and your coach helped you to become a better player?

My coach has continued to challenge me every practice and every game.  We have great skills practices to improve my footwork, agility drills to improve my speed and passing drills to work as a team and communication skills.

Q. What is your most fond memory to date of being a Juventus Academy Boston Player?

My favorite moment/fond memory of being a part of the Juventus Academy Boston club so far is spending time with my team during the New Hampshire tournament and the team bonding on and off the field.

Q.   Do you have any pre game routines?

My pregame routine is to be sure I have a good nights rest, eat a healthy breakfast and give myself plenty of time to get to the fields.  I like to listen to upbeat music on the ride to the field. Our team pregame routine is stretching, warm ups and my favorite is running in place on our toes then sprinting to the sideline and back to the coach.

Q.  What advice would you give to yourself 3 years ago as a soccer player?

If I were to give myself advice 3 years ago I would say to practice juggling every day say to focus on improving speed and agility and the rest will come with practice

Q.  What do you enjoy the most about being part of the Juventus Family?

Being a part of Juventus Academy Boston I enjoy the teamwork and camaraderie by not only my team and coach but every Juventus Boston team. Everyone supports each other in all age groups.

Q.  What do you enjoy the most about your teams training sessions?

What I enjoy most about team practices is having 3 practices times a week with my team. It helps to develop our friendship and teamwork. My team has improved significantly since our first practice.

Q.  What are your goals for the spring season?

My personal goals for the Spring Season are to continue to improve on my foot skills and improve my confidence so I can start taking over the game and become a better leader for my teammates.  My goal for our team is to come back in the Spring and be stronger, faster and work together to win more matches.

Q.   Ronaldo or Messi?

Messi!! He is my favorite player.

Ok - The Last answer is sure to divide opinion across our coaching staff and will no doubt be cause of another debate.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us Makenzie, We cant wait to continue seeing you be a leader on and off the field this spring season with your team.